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November 9, 2018

Email Validation Service

We’ve created a real-time email validation solution to verify the list of emails we deliver.


Create a real-time email validation solution.


Create a real-time email validation solution.

Bouncetrap is a Real-Time Email Validation Solution. The leading email cleaning service for your email list to make sure all your email will never bounce.

What we do

Create visual design and dashboard for the service

This is one of the biggest projects I have been done, it’s very fun and exciting to work on a very big scale product with a very complicated technical term. Trying to make the hard solution to be easy to use and friendly for user very make me excited to keep working on it.

The tools

List of tools we use on this project


— SketchApp
Create Wireframing and high-fidelity comps

— Adobe Illustrator
Create vector base artwork and logo


— Zeplin
Delivery the design to be ready to code


— Adobe Photoshop
Create/edit set of pictures to match the style of the project 

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