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Branding Mobile App UX/UI
February 7, 2019

Money Transfer Platform

We’ve created faster, cheaper, and easier money transfers to make money transfers more fun.


Create money transfer platform on both website and application


Make a website and application that make money transfer easier.

Payento is a money transfer service that makes transfer money faster and easier than it used to be. 

What we do

Create visual design, website, and application.

This project is really interesting since now a day money transfer became more and more popular but somehow it gets much more complicated to use. Making the one that easier to use is a fun challenge.

The tools

List of tools we use on this project


— SketchApp
Create Wireframing and high-fidelity comps

— Adobe Illustrator
Create vector base artwork and logo


— Zeplin
Delivery the design to be ready to code


— Adobe Photoshop
Create/edit set of pictures to match the style of the project 

Let’s collaborate

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